mental health and addiction support services for the hospitality and service industries


Welcome to our tailored support packages designed specifically for the hospitality and service industries, addressing the critical area of mental health and addiction. Understanding the unique challenges faced by workers in these sectors, we offer three tiered packages aimed at providing targeted, effective support for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to foster healthier work environments, improve employee well-being, reduce stigma, and enhance overall productivity through comprehensive addiction awareness, policy consulting and coaching services.

Awareness and Education Program

What's Included:

An initial consultation to assess your needs.

An educational workshop focusing on understanding addiction and its impact on the workplace. Emphasis on decreasing stigma and increasing a supportive work culture.

Orientation session for staff, promoting awareness and communicating support.

Comprehensive Support Program

What's Included:

Awareness and Education Program +

Detailed workplace assessment and customized program development tailored to your unique environment.

Monthly group counseling sessions for staff, spanning 3-6 months, to build on the foundational knowledge and address ongoing concerns.

Training for managers on identifying and supporting employees with addiction issues, ensuring a supportive management team.

Access to an extended range of digital resources and tools for deeper learning and support.

Ongoing email support for management to address concerns as they arise.

Workplace Transformation

What's Included:

Awareness and Education Program +
Comprehensive Support Program +
Regular on-site or virtual visits and consultations for personalized, hands-on support.

Customized ongoing weekly group and individual counseling sessions for staff, addressing personal and group needs dynamically.

Advanced manager training, including crisis management and long-term support strategies, to empower your leaders.

Comprehensive workplace wellness program creation and implementation, for a sustainable healthy workplace culture.

Priority email and phone support, ensuring you have access to expert advice when you need it most.

Quarterly progress reports and program adjustments, keeping your strategy responsive and effective.

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"Through our Recovery-Friendly Workplace program, we expand employment opportunities, facilitate help-seeking, ensure access to services, protect employee rights, reduce risk, educate the organization, and promote awareness. By prioritizing employee well-being and supporting those in recovery, we create a culture of inclusivity, support, and resilience, benefiting both our employees and our business."

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