From chaos to calm

90 Day Restaurant Revival

Empowering Recovery Through Leadership in the Workplace

Running a restaurant is tough with high staff turnover, incidents, and declining customer experiences hurting profits and reputations. The younger workforce needs support, veterans feel stuck, and substance use and mental health issues worsen the situation, leading to more chaos and costs if ignored.


Awareness and Education

Assessment: Define success and identify gaps between the ideal and current workplace culture.

Manager Training: Understand addiction, trauma, and industry impact; recognize signs and support staff.
Onsite handouts, training workbooks with quizzes and worksheets.

Action Plan:
Foster empathy, order, respect, and dignity to improve culture and empower staff.


Workplace Wellness

Root Causes: Tackle workplace issues, stigma, and conflict with an open-door policy to boost tenure, customer experience, and profitability.

Manager Training: Develop resilience, connection, and leadership to ensure a present and professional team.

Use mental health checklists to support daily team well-being.

Policy Update:
Clearly outline supportive workplace policies.

Action Plan:
Reinforce Month One strategies to create a valued, respected, and focused team environment.


Empowerment & Support

Workplace Leadership: Support those in recovery, reinforcing principles to implement effective support structures easily.

Mental Health & Addiction Awareness: Equip new hires with orientation packs covering key program points.

Impact Assessment: Use manager questionnaires and staff feedback surveys to measure success and demonstrate positive changes, ensuring long-term success and continuous improvement.

Ongoing Support: Provide 1:1 confidential coaching, priority email and phone support, and regular check-ins.

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"By prioritizing employee well-being and supporting those in recovery, we create a culture of inclusivity, support, and resilience, benefiting both our employees and our business."

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