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Breaking The Cycle

Revolutionizing Addiction Awareness in Hospitality


Kimberly Flear is a passionate advocate for change within the hospitality industry, combining over two decades of experience with a personal journey through addiction recovery. As the founder of Last Call Coaching, Kimberly is dedicated to fostering healthier workplace environments through enhanced understanding and support for individuals facing addiction.


Having witnessed the harsh realities of addiction firsthand—notably through the loss of a close friend to an overdose—Kimberly has been driven to apply her extensive industry knowledge to combat this pervasive issue. Her approach is deeply informed by her own experiences as a person in recovery, offering a unique, empathetic perspective that resonates with both individuals and teams.


Kimberly is not only an inspired speaker but also a certified coach, trainer, and facilitator. Her presentations are rooted in a profound understanding of the biological, psychological, and social facets of addiction. She focuses on practical strategies for resilience and recovery, emphasizing the need for stigma-free communication and safe, supportive workplace policies.


As a speaker, Kimberly brings these issues to life with compelling clarity and heartfelt sincerity. She is available for speaking engagements across conferences, workshops, and panel discussions, particularly those aimed at transforming the hospitality industry. Her talks delve into the complexities of addiction, the power of recovery, and the critical role of supportive workplaces.


Additionally, Kimberly is available for interviews and can provide valuable insights on creating positive change within high-pressure environments. Her expertise makes her an ideal candidate for media appearances, offering depth and guidance on issues related to addiction in the hospitality sector.


Organizations looking to enhance their approach to employee wellness will find Kimberly’s training and facilitation skills invaluable. She offers customized coaching sessions designed to equip managers and employees with the tools needed to support colleagues through recovery and beyond, ensuring a safer, more inclusive workplace.

Certified Facilitator - Addiction Awareness - HR - ICARE
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